The rewrites for Femme Schism, Volume 1 are complete. Starting next week, I will begin posting the revised version. Rather than posting one page a day, I will post an average of 3 per day. Once they are posted, everything from Volume 1 will be removed, save for a few sample pages, as it will be going into print by the end of summer.

Below is a list of corrected/revised chapters. The word “revised” refers to small, minor corrections revolving primarily around spelling and syntax; it may also include small changes in the drawing. For example, one frame on a page may feature an improved drawing or layout. This would constitute a “major rewrite” vs. a “minor rewrite.”

The words “completely rewritten” refer to entire chapters that were redone. In other words, the original script and drawings were taken out entirely and replaced with a completely new narrative. A completely rewritten chapter may include only a few pages from the original sequence. The word “added” means that a sub-chapter has been added, and the word “removed” means a sub-chapter or chapter has been removed from the book.

Chapter 1

Faking It: Loto the Trickster: Revised
That’s No Toilet!: Removed
Fitting in Well: Removed
Keeping the Old Ways: Removed
Imagine What a Man Could Do!: Removed
Avisodomy: Added

Chapter 2

The Wolf Goddess: Revised (minor)
Loto’s Ex-Husband: Revised

Chapter 3

A Prayer With Pee: Completely Rewritten
Haydn’s Audacity: Removed

Chapter 4

A Hijab of Pride: Revised
A Clothing of Symbolic Silence: Removed

Chapter 5

A Violent Perception, a Peaceful Religion: Removed
Paradise is just a Mistranslation: Added

Chapter 6

The Land of Deserts, Dancers…and Stoners: Completely Rewritten
(Originally entitled, The Land of Deserts, Dervishes, and Dancers)
Loto and the Bitch Seat: Revised

Chapter 7

The Tilasm of Morality: Revised
Ursula: Revised (major)

Chapter 8
The Clash of Red and White: Revised (major)
Trusting the Two-Wheeled Monster: Revised (major)

Chapter 9

An Honorable Shame, a Shameful Honor: Revised (major)


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