The Violence I’ve Reciprocated (Page 20)


3 thoughts on “The Violence I’ve Reciprocated (Page 20)

    • Aw, I don’t think you really understand my work. The purpose of this story is to get rid of the stereotypes about women and natives and portray women as multidimensional people. This situation is far more complex than your assumption that women simply want to be protected and taken care of by men; in fact, that idea is extremely harmful to women.

      First of all, the term “fair sex” perpetuates the narrow-minded idea that all women are nurturing, delicate, and beautiful, and accentuates these qualities as the most desirable, while other qualities such as courage, strength, and intelligence are looked down upon in women. Loto is not a “fair maiden.” She is dark-skinned, powerful, and intelligent.

      Second of all, women don’t need men to protect them. Women aren’t helpless, weak victims who need men. Men should treat us as EQUAL partners and should value us for our character, not our bodies and beauty. Loto is NOT happy with the way Haydn is treating her because he seems to think that being a man means being stronger than a woman, that he has to be a protector and that Loto has to be a damsel in distress in order for their relationship to work. This dynamic creates a really unhealthy relationship and hurts both men and women indirectly. Imagine if someone described you as delicate, fair, and fragile, and pretty ALL THE TIME. It would make you feel inferior, right?

      The truth is that being a man means the same thing as being a woman–being strong, intelligent, compassionate, caring, courageous, and honest.

      • Loto would really give the Sinestro Corps what for with her tomahawk if they ever showed up and tried to take her hostage.

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