Volume 3

(Chapter 28) The Ego-Killing Throat Punch
(Chapter 29) Cruelty
(Chapter 30) Guadalupe Espinoza
(Chapter 31) Space Case
(Chapter 32) Between Self and Worth
(Chapter 33) The Violence I’ve Reciprocated
(Chapter 34) Three Feathers
(Chapter 35) The Queen of Oil
(Chapter 36) The Girl Who Could Cure Catatonia
(Chapter 37) Return of the Tilasm


2 thoughts on “Volume 3

  1. Why not have Loto give the outriders what for with her tomahawk making use of the Art of War by the Chinese warrior sage Sun Tzu.

    • I think that it would be interesting if women outriders came to our dimension became human because they were made unable to return to the Vapour Zone hired out their wombs to childless couples and died in childbirth from heavy bleeding.

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