Main Cast

Loto of the Veruki Band

Loto of the Veruki Band

Haydn Yorkshire

Haydn Yorkshire

Barika Rastegar

Barika Rastegar

Ursula Sjodin

Ursula Sjodin

Oota Katsumi

Oota Katsumi

Lozen of the Amazons

Lozen of the Amazons

Full Cast

The Veruki Band

Loto of the Veruki Band
Click here for Loto’s full profile.

Nya of the Veruki Band
The current, interim leader of the Veruki Band. Nya is also the mature yet anxious adopted sister of Loto. As of right now, her birth origins are unknown.

Chua of the Veruki Band
One of the top warriors of the Veruki Band, second place only to Loto, his ex-girlfriend. Despite being partially deaf, Chua is a quiet, calm listener.

Posala of the Veruki Band
Late Veruki elder, warrior, and healer. Posala was killed by Adrian in battle.

The Yorkshire Family

Haydn Yorkshire
Click here for Haydn’s full profile.

Sabrina Carpenter-Yorkshire
Haydn’s mother, a human resources specialist.

David Yorkshire-Carpenter
Father to Haydn, he is an engineer.

Julie Carpenter
Haydn’s bubbly sister.

Howard Yorkshire
Haydn’s d-bag brother.

The Octagon Kingdom

Adrian Sullivan
The Kingdom’s ambassador to the Veruki tribe. Adrian was once married to Loto for the purpose of fostering peace between the Kingdom and the Veruki Band.

Guadalupe Espanoza
Haydn’s childhood friend, Lupe is a professional roller derby skater. She has been in love with Haydn for over a decade.

Keiji Smith
Close friend to Haydn, Keiji is very outwardly misogynistic but has a decent heart.

Jake Whalen
Former “best friend” to Haydn, Jake is insensitive to cultural differences and highly narcissistic.

Emma Dickinson
Haydn’s cheerful, innocent ex-girlfriend.

Donovan Zhu
Head of the Bureau of Indigenous Affairs. Donovan seeks to squeeze the oil out of the Veruki Territory by any means necessary.

Tory (?)
A mysterious journalist. His origins unfold in Volumes 4 and 5.

Colonel Yunix
Right hand to Adrian who doesn’t appear officially until Volume 4 and by accident in Volume 2.


Ursula Sjodin
Click here for Ursula’s full profile.

King Ingvar (Ingvar Sjodin)
The sociopathic King of Hafeza, a small city of which he ruled quietly and without brutality. His daughter is Ursula whom he loved deeply, yet he despised his wife. Ingvar was killed by Loto after abducting Haydn in an attempt to steal the tilasm of morality.


Barika Rastegar
Click here for Barika’s full profile.

Barika’s rebel lover who betrayed her in an attempt to gain money and power.

A twelve-year-old Muslim girl who killed herself to avoid marrying the man who raped her.

A cruel pimp and brothel owner, Ajit forced young girls into prostitution, fostering enough negative masculine energy to create a penis monster.

Takshak’s Greed (Penis Monster)
A product of the city of Takshak’s support of human sex trafficking and prostitution. With the help of the victims, Loto killed the monster by dousing it with cold water.

Fatema Malouf
A Muslim feminist who lives in the city of Innes. She is responsible for renewing the Barika’s faith in Allah.


Oota Katsumi
Click here for Katsumi’s full profile.

Master Yatsen
A stern Buddhist monk who has failed to achieve Enlightenment. He trains Loto and Katsumi in preparation for their battle against the Kingdom.

A Buddhist monk and student to Master Yasten. His origins are unknown until Volume 4.

An arrogant vampire monk.

A blind nun and most skilled martial artist in the monastery.

The Amazons

Lozen of the Amazons
Click here to read Lozen’s full profile.

Hippolyta of the Amazons
Queen of the Amazons and Lozen’s ex-lover.

Important Objects

The Sacred Staff
Passed down through several generations, the sacred staff ended up in the hands of Loto despite that she used it for wicked. At the end of Volume 3, Loto passed the staff to Haydn before leaving for Shangri-La.

The Tilasm of Morality
The tilasm was located in Hafeza and unearthed by Loto and Haydn. Shaped like a tiara, the tilasm subjugates its wearer to the last person s/he sees before donning it. The tilasm prevents its wearer from committing any moral wrongdoing. The only way its spell can be broken is if the tilasm’s wearer falls in love with his/her subjugator or if the wearer and/or subjugator dies.

Posala’s Amulet
Linked to the sacred staff, the amulet can lead its owner to whoever is bearing the staff.


Veruki wolf goddess who roams the forests during snow storms in search of human souls. The goddess merges with a black whale during the spring to form the orca.

The Whale God
Formed when Ostanda merges with a black whale. The Veruki Whale God brings spring to the Veruki Territory.

Mother Spirit
The supreme Veruki deity who protects all living things.

The Lonely Woman
An ominous sign for the Veruki. The Lonely Woman was once a human being who struck a dolphin with her harpoon. Dragged into the ocean, the woman, harpoon, and dolphin merged into one creature, the Narwhal.

The Christian/Judaic/Islamic Deity, gender unknown, but most worshippers assume he’s male.

The Hindu Goddess who is both fierce and nurturing, creative and destructive.


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