Barika Rastegar



Name’s Translation: “Excelling”
Symbol: Devotion
Nationality: Fadil
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5’5″
Birth Date: September 8
Religion: Islam
Introduced: Volume 1
Occupation: Political Revolutionary
Strength: 5
Skill Level: 4 (Volumes 1-3)
Intelligence: 10
Spirituality: 6 (Volume 1); 2 (Volumes 2-3); 8 (Volume 4)
Languages: Post-English, Post-Arabic
Weapons: Pistol (Volume 1); Scimitar (Volumes 1-2, 4)


Classy, well-educated, and open-minded, Barika meets Loto and Haydn in the midst of her dangerous work as a political revolutionary. Her life’s goal is to portray a true and sincere Islam, yet radical interpretations of her faith cause her to waver.


Barika is a polite cynic. Although she is courteous to others, she can be extremely sarcastic and negative. She is naturally maternal and tends to treat her friends as if they are her children (for better or worse). Inside, she is constantly battling the conflict between her religion and her sex, yet she continues to uphold her belief in a god that loves women and girls as much as men and boys.

Powers and Special Abilities

Although Barika does not possess any otherworldly powers, she is skilled with the scimitar.


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