Haydn Yorkshire



Name’s Translation: “Heathen,” “valley with hay”
Symbol: Knowledge
Nationality: Octagon Kingdom
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5’6″
Birth Date: December 25
Religion: Christianity
Introduced: Volume 1
Occupation: Missionary
Strength: 3 (Volumes 1-2)
Skill Level: 1 (Volumes 1-2); 4 (Volumes 3-4)
Intelligence: 8
Spirituality: 10
Languages: Post-English, Veruki
Weapons: Sacred Staff/Extended Tomahawk (Volumes 4-5)


Initially, Haydn harbored prejudicial views towards Loto, yet because he is always striving to open his mind and improve himself, he gradually acknowledged the flaws in his perception of the Veruki. He travels alongside Loto in hopes that she will choose Christianity to be her tribe’s approved religion. His motivation for standing by her, however, is questionable as it becomes increasingly obvious that Loto has no intention of choosing any religion.


Prideful and elitist, Haydn does not always see the world from the perspectives of others, yet his heart is full of compassion. He is good-natured and gentle, seemingly incapable of hurting anyone; however, he will fight back if he feels he has no other choice. Although he is outwardly upbeat and kind, Haydn nurtures a deep despair within and refuses to discuss his problems with others; rather, he locks himself away to sulk.

Haydn is not physically strong or aggressive and must be frequently rescued by Loto. Embarrassed by the fact that a female is protecting him, Haydn learns how to fight in Volume 3. However, he slowly comes to terms with the flaw in his culture’s idea of manhood and grows more comfortable with Loto’s physical prowess.

Powers and Special Abilities

Haydn’s special abilities remain mostly dormant until Volume 5. However, in Volume 3, he begins to learn to wield Loto’s Sacred Staff, and, by Volume 4, he is fairly proficient with it.


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