Loto of the Veruki Band



Name’s Translation: “Heart”
Symbol: Balance
Nationality: Veruki
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5’6″
Birth Date: March 15
Religion: Veruki Polytheism
Introduced: Volume 1
Occupation: Leader of the Veruki Band; Highest Ranking Veruki Warrior
Strength: 10
Skill Level: 5 (Volumes 1-3); 8 (Volume 4)
Intelligence: 8
Spirituality: 4 (Volumes 1-4); 10 (Volume 5)
Languages: Post-English, Veruki, Oota, Amazonian
Weapons: Sacred Staff/Extended Tomahawk (Volumes 1-3); Kung Fu Saber Broadsword (Volumes 4-5)


Loto is the main protagonist of Femme Schism. In order to save her tribe from assimilation, she must travel around the world in search of an approved religion for the tribe. Despite her high status, Loto is not favored by her community, and most of the Veruki were happy to see her leave. She attained her position primarily as a result of her role in driving out the Kingdom six years prior.


Although at times aggressive and hot-tempered, Loto is compassionate and protective of those she loves. She does not listen well to others, particularly when it comes to discussions about race and religion, and will often railroad her opinions. This behavior is a result of the treatment she received from her overbearing ex-husband Adrian and his nation, the Kingdom. Loto feels she must stand her ground and cling to her beliefs lest they are destroyed by assimilation.

Despite her compulsive behavior, Loto is highly intelligent and extremely witty, two qualities that seldom fail to surprise those who are not familiar with the indigenous nations. Her nickname is Loto the Trickster, for she enjoys pranking her friends (at their expense), especially Haydn.

Powers and Special Abilities

Loto is unusually strong and agile. Having grown up in the wilderness, surrounded by mountains and trees, she is able to easily reach heights of up to twenty feet. Loto is also a failed medicine woman, having never completed her spiritual training (details will be revealed in Volume 5).  Spiritually, she is underdeveloped, debunking racist notions of the “mystical Indian” stereotype. However, she seldom consumes alcohol and never partakes in any self-destructive activities and is, thus, allowed to perform Smudging Ceremonies, one of which helped to defeat Ursula in Volume 2.

Until the end of Volume 3, Loto wields the Sacred Staff, an extended tomahawk. Massive and difficult to use, the staff is indestructible and can withstand any amount of damage inflicted upon it. However, in undeserving hands, the staff is a conductor of chaos and destruction. Throughout the series, it acts as a phallic symbol of violence and aggression, for never has Loto triumphed with the use of the Sacred Staff.


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