Lozen of the Amazons



Name’s Translation: Derived from the 19th century Apache warrior
Nationality: Amazon
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5’10”
Birth Date: January 1st
Religion: Atheism
Introduced: Volume 3
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Strength: 10
Skill Level: 10
Intelligence: 6
Spirituality: 1
Languages: Post-English, Amazonian, Veruki, Oota
Weapons: Atatl, Spear


Lozen appears as the main antagonist of Volumes 4 and 5. An Amazon warrior, snubbed by Loto in childhood, she is determined to kill the Veruki. More information will be added once Volume 4 is published online.


Greedy, selfish, vain, and hot-tempered, Lozen is borderline sociopathic. She feels little remorse for her cruelty to others and believes she is above the law. However, her heart is not completely nefarious. Unable to understand the difference between love and possession, she keeps Haydn as her hostage despite that she has no use for him.

Powers and Special Abilities

As an Amazon warrior, Lozen is physically powerful despite her slim physique. Her muscle mass slows her techniques to a degree, yet her brute strength compensates for her lack of speed.


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