Ursula Sjodin


Name’s Translation: “Little she-bear”
Symbol: Forgiveness
Nationality: Agata
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5’8″
Birth Date: July 10
Religion: Christian Druidism
Introduced: Volume 1
Occupation: Community Youth Coordinator (Volume 1 only)
Strength: 8
Skill Level: 7
Intelligence: 10
Spirituality: 4
Languages: Post-English
Weapons: Battle Axe


Daughter of the brutal King Ingvar, Ursula is a powerful druid and a “daddy’s girl.” Unaware of her father’s cruelty, she sought to avenge her father’s death by kidnapping Haydn to lead Loto into a trap. However, her battle with Loto unearthed the negative energy within her heart, making her vulnerable to the Veruki’s purification ceremony. Cleansed of the evil spirits that had possessed her following her father’s murder, Ursula decides to accompany Loto, Haydn, and Barika on their journey.


Ursula is snarky and somewhat vain. Although she is sorry for her vindictive actions, she is not very fond of Loto, who is a constant reminder of her father’s false, wicked heart. She never conveys her problems to others but, rather, prefers to act superficial and materialistic.

Powers and Special Abilities

Ursula inherited from her deceased mother the ability to create and manipulate wormholes. She is able to bend time to a minute degree, but her powers are extremely limited. For instance, using every ounce of her energy, she can travel back or forward a maximum of fifteen minutes.

Ursula also uses a heavy battle axe, which she hides within the realm of timelessness. In times of crises, she summons it through a wormhole.


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